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February 2017


  Tournament News & Results 2009 AUGUST TOURNAMENT

Once again a great show of force from the students of Bei Shaolin Kung Fu. On August 8th in Edinburg our six member team won fourteen trophies in sparring and forms.

  Posted by SifuScott on Wednesday, August 12 @ 10:39:11 EDT (2217reads)
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  Tournament News & Results 2009 JULY TOURNAMENT

Outstanding effort best sums up the students of Bei Shaolin Kung Fu this past weekend. The seven member team won an incredible eighteen trophies in sparring and forms on July 18th in Edinburg.

  Posted by SifuScott on Wednesday, July 22 @ 20:46:41 EDT (1975reads)
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  Tournament News & Results 2009 JUNE TOURNAMENT

Congratulations to the warriors of Bei Shaolin Kung Fu. On June 27th our seven member team won fifteen trophies in fighting and forms in Edinburg Texas.

  Posted by SifuScott on Monday, June 29 @ 12:01:35 EDT (2200reads)
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  Tournament News & Results 2009 APRIL TOURNAMENT

On April 4th nine students from Bei Shaolin Kung Fu competed at Pete Ramirez’s tournament in Los Fresnos. All of the nine member team won at least one trophy bringing the total for the day to nineteen.

  Posted by Sifuscott on Tuesday, April 28 @ 12:03:30 EDT (1998reads)
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  Tournament News & Results 2009 WESLACO TOURNAMENT

On March 7th seven members from Bei Shaolin Kung Fu competed at Raul Cantus’ tournament in Weslaco. This is one of the bigger tournaments that is held in the T.A.S.K., but it didn’t stop us from doing very well. Our seven member team won eleven trophies in Sparring and forms.

  Posted by Sifuscott on Thursday, March 19 @ 17:23:05 EDT (2093reads)
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  Tournament News & Results 2009 ELSA TOURNAMENT

The first T.A.S.K. tournament of the year started on February 7th in Elsa Texas. Seven students from Bei Shaolin Kung Fu tested their skills with impressive results. The seven member team won fourteen trophies in fighting and forms.
  Posted by Sifuscott on Saturday, February 21 @ 09:51:03 EST (2146reads)
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  Demonstrations & Special Events 2008 Competitor of the Year

Congratulations to our own Instructor Oscar Olivarez. On December 13th Oscar was named the 2008 T.A.S.K. Competitor of the Year. At the T.A.S.K. Banquet Oscar was awarded a jacket with Competitor of the Year embroidered on it. Also at the Banquet my son Kevyn was awarded twenty five dollars for tying with the most overall points earned in competition.

  Posted by Sifuscott on Saturday, December 13 @ 13:58:31 EST (2134reads)
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  Tournament News & Results 2008 T.A.S.K. CHAMPIONSHIP

After nine hard months of training and seven tournaments to test ourselves the 2008 season came to an end on November 15th in San Benito. Our sixteen member team won an impressive twenty nine trophies. All sixteen members placed in at least one event and five of these were 1st place championship wins.

  Posted by Sifuscott on Thursday, November 20 @ 13:44:25 EST (2118reads)
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  Tournament News & Results 2008 OCTOBER TOURNAMENT

Determination leads to success best sums up the performance of Bei Shaolin Kung Fu on October 18th in Edinburg. Our nine member team won an impressive nineteen trophies. Ten of these were 1st place, six were 2nd place, and three were 3rd place.

  Posted by SifuScott on Friday, October 24 @ 09:33:06 EDT (3258reads)
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  Tournament News & Results 2008 BEI SHAOLIN TOURNAMENT

Once again the students of Bei Shaolin rose to the challenge. On September 27th we held our 5th annual tournament at Veterans Memorial Academy in San Benito. Our 29 member team won and incredible 48 trophies in forms, sparring, and specialty. We won 19 first place, 12 second place, and 17 third place trophies.

  Posted by SifuScott on Saturday, October 04 @ 12:33:54 EDT (3043reads)
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